Using Earth’s Natural Chemistry to Protect People Against Illness

Using Earth’s Natural Chemistry to Protect People Against Illness

Using Earth’s Natural Chemistry to Protect People Against Illness

Using Earth’s Natural Chemistry to Protect People Against Illness

FMCG Wholesale Exporter

Red Bull Distributor – Ferrero Chocolates Distributor – Monster Energy Drink

  • Red Bull Energy Drinks
  • Dispenser programs
  • Bid advantages
  • Marketing rebates
  • Industry exclusivity
  • Lead forwarding
  • Samples and marketing support
  • Freight discounts
  • Dispenser Imprinting
  • A growing partnership

Welcome to our company

DALNIKRAY V.O.F is an export and import company established in Netherland. And its founder has a long history in the export of products manufactured in Europe.

DALNIKRAY V.O.F puts together, in one sales channel, the widest range of products with the best quality standards, reducing administrative costs that resultin an unbeatable value.

Products such as olive oil, olives, processed meat, pickles, canned vegetables, wines, cheeses, spices, mousses, among others, products certified KOSHER and HALAL, cosmetics, personal care, hair care, household cleaning, clothes care

At DALNIKRAY VOF we facilitate all procedures between exporter and importer, combining goods by countries and different modes of shipping, either by sea, air or road.
Transparency, agility and quality are the aim of this consortium.

We currently export to over 14 countries

Quality and reliability

All our products are manufactured under the highest quality standards and offer competitive prices directly from the point of manufacture.

Our goal is customer satisfaction.

All our products can be made ​​with private label, there are brands exclusive distribution in certain countries

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Strong FMCG Expert Corporation

A Corporation with more than 25M € annual revenue and more than 6500 Sqm own warehouses makes it possible to cover.


Red Bull Wholesale Distributor

Enjoy working with a supplier able to centralize and coordinate the provision of a variety of products of all kinds, avoiding intermediaries

Great FMCG quality brands Portfolio

50 years working in retails market give us the advantage to have the widest offer, buying directly from main producers.


DALNIKRAY V.O.F provides sales, marketing, and consultancy services for leading FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) EU and Extra EU companies in Italy and the EU.

We proudly sell confectioneries, beverages, coffee, household products, baby care, sweets, gummies, candies, alcoholic drinks etc.

All sweets are made according to traditional recipes and methods with the utmost care and the highest quality and taste. That is why our products are popular all over the world: in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, North America (Canada and the USA), Australia and Asia. Click to view Company porfolio



  • Facilitating the interaction between producers and customers
  • Building up an outstanding and long-lived relationship with producers and customers.
  • Speeding up the purchase/ sales process
  • Exporting worldwide food excellences
  • Providing a one-stop brand shop for customers


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