Alcoholic beverage wholesalers and exporters 


We are  a full Licensed wholesale alcoholic beverages suppliers, Exporters and distributors, with a dynamic international trading firm on A-branded Beer, Cider, Wine & Spirits.  Your search for affordable alcoholic beverages wholesalers ends here.

We carry a diverse selection of A brand Beer, Cider, wine and Spirits.  Sourcing the best alcoholic beverages from  leading manufacturers in Europe, Scandinavia, Mexico, USA, UK, Australia etc. Our range of cheap bulk  alcoholic beverages includes both national and regional brands that will enable your business to thrive together with regular promotional activity on a wide selection of popular products.

As a one stop wholesale alcoholic beverage suppliers, Our customers have access to more than 7000 lines and benefit from case by case pick on all beer, wines and spirits, delivered at your desired destination. Our offer prices and quotes are customized as per our clients’ needs.

Duty Free Bulk buy Beer, Wine & Spirit exporters and Wholesalers

DALNIKRAY V.O.F is able to offer FOB (free on board) which includes freight cost from source’s warehouse to the port of loading.  However, available at your disposal is CIF quote which includes Cost of goods, Marine Insurance, Freight charges. In this case, we would handle and manage all port to port fees, charges and shipping operations to your designated port of destination or port of discharge. With  good connections, trustworthy warehouses and transport companies, we can guarantee a reliable, secure and smooth delivery of your order worldwide.

Our goal as alcoholic beverages wholesaler is to build a strong, reliable and long-term relationship with all of our clients and suppliers.

If you are a wholesaler, distributor, Retailer in the food industry  that is looking for wholesalers to stock Beer, Ciders, Wine and Spirits, Energy drink, soft drinks, Mineral water  you have come to the right place. We have a huge selection of products that you can choose from and order at the lowest prices. As a reputable beer, spirit and wine importer, we will be able to supply you even large quantities within a short time. Contact us now