Singani 63 by Steven Soderbergh 750ml


Singani 63 is made using Muscat of Alexandria grapes grown in altitudes of 5250 feet or more. A spirit truty in a category of its’ own.



Singani 63 by Steven Soderbergh

Singani 63 has a long history as a spirit, dating back to 1530! It’s possible you may have never heard about this spirit and is due to the fact that it can only be made in the Bolivian Andes. Muscat of Alexandria grapes are used in the production of the “brandy” that are planted at 5250 above sea level. “Brandy” is the closest this amazing spirit can be labeled as, but it truly is in a category of its’ own. Director Steven Soderbergh is the reason this spirit is now readily available in the United States


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