Yomi The Afterlife Sake Can 250ml


With delicious notes of melon, cherry, red berries, light cream and subtle mochi. This junmai ginjo has a medium body with purity of flavor and plenty of attitude. 250ml abv 13%



Yomi The Afterlife Sake Can 250ml

Yomi is Japanese for the World of Darkness, an Afterlife. Each day, as the sun sets, a World of Darkness presents itself, offering unlimited opportunities for escape. According to Shinto mythology, Yomi is where Izanami, the goddess of creation, escaped after death. We each seek refuge from our normal life, a place where we shed our duties and revel unchained of our daily burden. Life giving rice and water are reborn as our hedonistic Yomi Junmai Ginjo, a premium sak? crafted to be enjoyed in your chosen World of Darkness, as you live in the moment, prior to your return to the land of the living.


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